UpDown Fever – Winny iPhone app Review


The UpDown Fever – Winny iPhone app is already extremely famous in Japan and Korea and has now made it to the app market through the iPhone.  This game can be the perfect time waster for you if you need something to do for a few minutes in between activities in your life.  The great part about the game is that it is very easy for you to just pick up and play so you don’t have to worry about a large learning curve.


  • The way that this game is played is that you will have a couple levers that are located at the very bottom of the screen.  You have the choice to either hold up a single flag, or both of the flags that are held by the main character, Windy
  • As the game begins you will be given some instructions that say the color of the flag and what direction it should go.  For instance “Blue up!”.  You will have to just listen to the instructions and follow them quickly enough that you can pass the round and keep moving on in the game
  • The way that you beat each level is that you will need at least 7 consecutive moves that were successful.  As you pass the stage that you are in, you will move to a higher level and be able to get harder challenges
  • The levels get significantly harder as you move on.  The response time that is required by you will quickly decrease in the harder levels and you will have to be much quicker in order for you to complete it and keep moving on
  • Some of the voice commands are meant to trick you so you will have to be careful not to fall for it.  For instance the voice might say something like “White Up, No!”  Which will be a hard one to follow if you press the lever too quick.  You will need to make sure that you listen to the entire command before you just start pressing the buttons
  • The Winny character originally came from an online service that helps kids in South Korea learn English.  It became popular and has escalated into a mobile app for the iPhone


You gotta be quick in this game to be able to listen to all of the different commands and make sure that you are doing the things that are asked of you.  If you get caught off guard you won’t be able to pass the stages.

This app has been given a 4 + star rating by different users and can currently be downloaded onto your iPhone for $5.99.

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