TweetCaster Android app Review


The TweetCaster Android app is the best Twitter app that you will find for the Android.  This will soon be your default Twitter app.


  • This is hands down the best Twitter client for the Android operating system.  You seriously get everything that you could ever need in a Twitter app with this little bad boy
  • There are two versions: The free version that has a bunch of ads that go all over the screen as well as a paid version that eliminates the ads and is easier to use
  • This app is loaded with features, is extremely organized, and also is super fast so you can get your tweets out immediately and constantly check updates
  • This app also lets you use the Timeline feature, @ Replies, the direct messages, the follow and unfollow buttons, the favorites list, the trends, the tweets and retweets, and it even saves your searches that you do
  • You can also do some uploading of your photos as well as get notifications from Android.  On top of that you can get profiles, shortening for URLs, and even have more than one Twitter account on it
  • Lastly, you will be able to filter timelines and Tweets as you mess with it more and uncover even more features


It has been said that this little TweetCaster app is the best Twitter client for the Android.  This is pretty true.  The user interface for the app is pretty incredible and it has a ton of really cool features that you can utilize and work with.  You can get the free version but it has tons of ads on it so it is better to get the pro version for just a couple bucks more in order to get rid of those ads.  This app is also super fast and completely organized.  That way you can manage your Twitter account exactly the way that you want to.  There are tons of features and has pretty much everything you could want in a Twitter app.  The only gripe about the app is that every time you launch the app you are going to run into the stupid start screen.  This would be fine if it only happened the first time you brought it up on your phone but it happens every time.

This app has been given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by people that have actually tried out the app.  You can download the app for free to try it out and then it is $4.99 to keep and get the premium version.

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