TV-Guide UK Android app Review


In the TV-Guide UK Android app you will have the television schedule right at your fingertips.  All you have to do is to search out your favorite channels that you like to watch and select them and they will be brought back to your homepage.  Once there, you will be able to scroll between them all to see what is playing at that current time.  If you want more in depth information on the channel for the rest of the day you only need to click on the icon and then read the information.  You can also set up reminders so that you won’t miss any of your favorite programming.


  • This is the best app to use to find TV listings for the UK market .  You can find them quickly and easily and you will get an easy look at what is on television right at that moment
  • You can find your favorite shows, your favorite sports, your favorite movies, and so much more
  • There are constant updates to the app and there are even more features and channels that are being added to the app
  • You can scroll through the app very quickly without having to worry about any kind of  lag hindering you
  • There is a free version that i supported by advertisements or you can upgrade to the paid version which is completely ad free
  • When the app first starts up you can actually pick the channels that you are interested in.  You can search for channels like Boomerang, BBC, or even the Adult Channel (which is kind of creepy)
  • Once you pick your favorite channels they will come up on the home screen in list format with a list of what is playing right now on each of them
  • You can click on the thumbnails and then see what the schedule is for the rest of the day on that channel
  • You can also use the sets of reminders that are available to help you know when your favorite shows are going to be on so you will be ready for it


There are a lot of different TV Guide apps out there and this one focuses on the UK.  The main gripes that users have had with this app is that it is not very fun to look at.  They don’t have any thumbnail photos for the channels you pick and there is just lots and lots of text which can make it kind of hard to navigate.  The set-up for the app is also somewhat difficult and will push users away.  Also, you can’t see any of the programme info for the coming week which really kind of sucks.

This app has only been given 3.1 out of 5 stars but has a free trial to download.  Otherwise it costs $1.99 for the full version.

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