TouchRetouch iPhone app Review


The TouchRetouch iPhone app is a fun way to be able to edit your pictures and take out anything in the photo that you don’t like in there.  All you have to do is just  use your finger to mark the items you want to remove and then press the go button.  The app will then remove the object and fill in the vacancies.


  • One of the nice things about this app is that you will have an assortment of video tutorials that you can view right inside the app without having to get online for extra help from the website
  • Since this is a photo editing app, it would make sense that you can use the undo and redo actions as much as you like until you get the photo exactly how you want it
  • There is a cool technology that is included in this app and it revolves around recovering the background through smart image techniques
  • The final image that you create will be smooth and clear, there won’t be any distortions in it
  • The interface for this app is also very easy to use.  You will be able to navigate quickly and without any problems
  • Some of the functions that you can choose to do include removing any spots that you might have in the sky or any other type of background
  • You can also get rid of wires from your picture, so that the background is crisp and clear without things jumbled up in it
  • If you don’t like certain banners or posters from buildings then you can use the app to get rid of them
  • If there are certain man-made objects in the photo that you don’t like then you can just remove them.  This would include things like bridges, tents, buildings, and even ships
  • If you don’t like your shadow in the picture then just remove it with the easy editing tools that are available
  • If someone in the photo rubs you the wrong way then just remove them!  You have the final say on who gets to stay in the picture and who doesn’t make the cut
  • You can also use the editing options to be able to remove any ghosts that appear or any flares that show up on the photo
  • You can also use some of the tools to be able to retouch the face and smooth it out for a cleaner photograph
  • You can also use the editing tools to make the picture comical.  For instance you could take the photo of someone parachuting and eliminate their parachute so it looks like they are just falling straight into the ground


This app has been given a rating of 4 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded onto your mobile unit for only $0.99.

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