The Hockey News Blackberry app Review


When it comes to hockey, no app brings you more information than The Hockey News Blackberry app.  This information app packs all of the NHL news you could dream of into one tiny app that fits on your mobile phone.  You can get on your hockey app during any time of the day and check for news articles or blogs about your favorite players and teams.  You can set the app to notify you when new information is available.  The app’s lightning fast browser eliminates loading times and downloads the content right to your phone.

As the NHL playoffs approach, this is the perfect companion to help you stay up-to-date on who is in the race for the sixteen spots available.  You can see live boxscores and get in-game stats and scoring comparisons.  You can also check the calendar to see previews of the games that are going to be played, or you can go back and see the recaps of the games you missed.  Stay close to the ice with The Hockey News Blackberry app.


  • When you first open up the app you will have the option to scroll through all of the different NHL games that are going on at the moment in time
  • You can see the latest news articles about your favorite teams and players
  • Get an up to date list of all the standings, each division, and how teams are doing as they fight for playoff spots
  • You can get boxscores of any team and see the shots on goal and also a summary of all the scoring
  • You will get updated news on schedules and up coming games that are going on in the National Hockey League
  • Follow player news, movements, trades, and injuries
  • You also can see the stats for each individual player including the goalies
  • You can set the Blackberry app to notify you every time new content has been picked up by the phone
  • Content is immediately downloaded and stored on your smartphone as soon as it is ready to do be downloaded
  • You can send any information or pictures to your contacts on your phone
  • The browser is exceptionally fast and you don’t have to worry about loading times


If you love hockey, then this is one of those Blackberry apps you just shouldn’t go without.  First of all the app is free and it is loaded with content and information.  You will always be aware of the happenings around the league and what shape the teams and the players are in.  You can get live, up-to-date scores on any games that are currently happening and get notifications of upcoming games.  It is the perfect hockey companion for any puck lover out there.

Voted 4 stars by Blackberry app users and is currently free to download.

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