Stellar Tattoo App for Android or iPhone, TatTap

Stellar Tattoo App for Android or iPhone, TatTap

Stellar Tattoo App for Your Android or iPhone, TatTap


If you love tattoo art, have a tattoo, want a tattoo or are even thinking about getting your first tattoo then spend the money and get the TatTap app for your Android or iPhone.  This app can help you find some of the best tattoo artists in your area, lets you see what a tattoo will look like on you before you make it permanent and it even lets you have your tattoo rated by other members.  This app really has everything a tattoo lover, tattoo parlor or tattoo artists could possibly want in a tattoo app.

TatTap gives you some fantastic features that let you interact with other members in some pretty cool ways.  For instance, the parlor/artist locator not only tells you where your local tattoo parlors are located, but it also lets members rate the artist and the parlor.  If you are shopping around for the best artists in your area, then that feature pays for the app itself.  Another cool feature with the locator is that it lets you add your own artists or parlor.  That makes it easy for new artists and new parlors that are just coming onto the scene to get some exposure.

Finding some of these shops without TatTap was a pain.  Now, with TatTap, it tells me when an artist has moved from one parlor to another or have started their own parlor.  Great feature!  Another really cool thing about TatTap is the rating system for tattoos.  A lot of the artists put their work on TatTap to get rated.  The ratings are pretty fair; mostly everyone is really cool on the forums too.

TatTap can save you a ton of money too.  If you have had your eye on that special tat but couldn’t get the artist to come down on price, you can find other artists in the area and comparison shop.  Before TatTap that was a really difficult thing to do.  Now you can just stop in, show them the tat you want and haggle over the price.  Most of the guys in the parlors are pretty cool when it comes to pricing, some are real sticklers.

TatTap has save me a ton of cash.  I’m a fanatic and if you have your first tattoo then you already know that you want another one.  Yes, very addictive, I have 9 and I am looking for my 10th.  When you get TatTap check me out on the forums.  I’m usually on, BuzzDread is the name.  I’ll be happy to talk about tats, new art and I’ll even give you my honest opinion on a tat you are thinking about getting.  9 tats would make me an expert, but there are some guys on here with way more.

Anyway, if you are a tattoo lover then TatTap is a definite must get app for your Android or iPhone.  Check it out today.  If you want to check out some more of the amazing features of TatTap, then check out their website at or follow them on Twitter.


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