Squareball iPhone app Review


In the Squareball iPhone app you will be able to play in an action arcade game and play it using the intuitively designed controls.   The main point of the game is for you to try and collect all of the green blocks that are located around the stages. As you collect them and the other colored blocks you can increase your score.


  • This really is the first action arcade game to come out on the iPhone that has been any good.  You will see that it has some true arcade action and it is all at 6ofps
  • The controls in this app are also really great because they are so intuitive.  You will see that they have been intuitively designed and work just perfectly for this type of game
  • The gameplay in this game is nothing to get all excited about but it is very simple which makes it easy for anyone to just pick it up and play.  Also, because of how easy it is you will find that it is very addictive
  • The graphics in this game will really bring you back to the old days when you used to go visit the arcade.  They are completely retro.  This theme carries over into both the sound effects as well as the musical soundtrack for the game
  • This app also has quite the variety of different levels and stages for you to play on.  There are over 20 different stages that you can play that are located in 5 different worlds.  And this is just the first adventure, there will be many more to come in the future
  • On top of there being so many new worlds and stages for you to try and conquer you will love the fact that each of the worlds are very unique.  There will be original and exciting challenges that you will have to face in each of the 5 locations as you try to progress through the rest of the game


You can never go wrong with a little action arcade game in  your app library.  That is exactly what Squareball offers and it seems to deliver pretty well.  The only gripes about the app are that although it is definitely retro themed, the graphics are really plain.  They could have done a little bit more to spice it up and give it a little more modern makeover so that it would appeal to more gamers in this day and age.

This app has been given a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded onto your phone for only $0.99.

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