Solitaire City Lite iPhone app Review


One of the most popular card games of all time is that of Solitaire.  Now with the Solitaire City Lite iPhone app you can now have this game in your pocket at all times.  It is the ultimate time waster and you will love the impressive graphics that are displayed on your iPhone.  This free version contains both Spiderette as well as Double Klondike for you to play.  Try to beat the game quickly in order to get the best high score that you can.


  • This version of the game actively supports both the horizontal landscape mode as well as the vertical portrait mode so that you can play both ways.
  • The graphics for this little game of solitaire are also pretty impressive and make the game a bit more enjoyable
  • You will be scored based on how quickly you can beat the game.  The faster you can get the cards sorted out and back in their decks the higher your score will be
  • You will be able to go back and look at your personal best scores that will be located on the high score tables
  • You can either listen to the original soundtracks and sound effects that have been provided or you can actually listen to all of your own iTunes music while you are playing
  • As simple as this game is, it is one of the most addictive games that you can play on your mobile phone.  You will find yourself playing it in bed, on the toilet, and anyway else you can think of
  • One fun feature with this app is that it lets you use it in either the right or left handed position.  You can pick this from the options tab
  • If your phone rings or you get a text that you need to immediately respond to then just exit the app and it will automatically save where you were at so you can start right back up where you left off
  • One of the nice things about the app is that you can use the undo button as much as you want so that you can go back and try different techniques and methods to beat it
  • There is a training mode that is very interactive so that it will teach you how to do it
  • You can also customize and choose what designs you want on the backs of the decks of cards that you are using
  • The background graphics are nice and they help this solitaire game to stand out among the others
  • You can actually create your own sound effects and sound themes that you can have active during the game


This app was voted 3 stars by users and is currently free for you to download onto your iPhone.

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