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You Called?  World Health Organization Lists Cell Phones as a Carcinogen

Rumors have been floating around for years about cell phones wreaking all kinds of havoc, from disrupting electronics in plane to causing all kinds of cancer prostate cancer in men.  Now, the World Health Organization reports that cell phones may cause brain cancer and as such, has listed cell phones as a carcinogenic hazard.

But the determination may be premature.  The time from exposure to the appearance of a tumor is around 20 years or longer.  In theUnited States, cell phones have only been really popular for about 15 years.

An international study conducted by  Interphone and partly funded by the cell phone industry shows very little evidence of an increased risk of brain tumors with one exception.  There was an increased risk among those who have the most exposure.  The study did find that those who have used a cell phone for 10 or more years have double the risk of developing a brain tumor.

The problem?  Cell phones do emit radiation.  But it’s not the kind of radiation of X-rays.  That type of radiation is ionizing radiation.  Radiation from cell phones is non-ionizing.  This type of radiation can be compared to a very low powered microwave.

If you are concerned about this heightened risk, is there anything you can do short of giving up your cell phone?  Wearing an earpiece is one option.  Another is to hold your cell phone a minimum of five-eighths of an inch away from your ear.  You could also reduce your risk by calling less and texting more.

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