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Whenever you’re at a club, you dance to the music. It’s the music that keeps you flowing. Who do you thank for that? The DJ. He’s the guy that keeps everything in place. Don’t you wish you can also be a DJ for a day? How about being a DJ every day? Now you can! With Turntable.fm, you can finally let yourself be heard. Turntable.fm is a social app where you, your family and friends can take turns to become DJs yourselves.

Turntable.fm features the option to make your own DJ room, where people can inhabit to listen to some music. Using a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll make the room or enter a made-room and get the groove on. Once you have a room (whether it’s made, needs DJs or you made one) you can then pump up the music on the room. You have the choice of making it a private or public room, whichever suits you. You can choose who gets in or who gets out of the room. No bouncers here, so you’ll have to make your choice. Once you have the room, you can then choose what music to play and then you pump it loud. People can vote whether it’s cool or it’s dull. If it’s dull, the song is skipped and you have to play another song. It’s really social when you look at it.

Turntable.fm is a bit daunting but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be pumping music like you’re a DJ yourself. Though there are some issues with the app, such as translation problems, this app is still awesome and creative. I rate this app 4 out of 5.

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