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Do you want a puzzle game that looks easy to play but is tough to master? Then ride the trains with Trainyard. The popular iOS game makes its debut on Android. The goal of the game is simple: get the trains to their stations. Depending on the color of the trains you want to steer, you have to get them to their right stations (i.e blue trains must steer to the blue stations). It’s all about finding the route that will have all trains to their destinations safely and sound.

Trainyard lets you draw tracks for the colored trains assigned to you in each level. There’s no time limit whatsoever; all you have to do is draw tracks that will steer the colored trains to their destinations. It’s easy in the first few levels but later on, it gets harder and harder as you’ll see colored trains collide and block each other. It also features the option to combine colored trains together to get them to one station. It features all the kinds of tracks that tests your skill.

Trainyard is easy to pick up and play though you’ll want to make sure you understand the game very well. The later levels become harder so make sure you have the fundamentals grasped. It requires logic as well but ultimately, you’ll get it right away. This game is very addictive so you might find yourself playing it for hours. Because of the easy-to-get gameplay and intuitive features, Trainyard is rated 5 out of 5. 

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