Towers N’ Trolls
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Value for Money4/5
Re-Play / Re-Use5/5
Ease of Use5/5

Towers N’ Trolls

Get ready for a fast-paced tower defense session with Towes N’ Trolls! This fast-paced game has you defend your well-built towers from an army of invading trolls. Like any other tower defense games, you have to build defenses against your invading army so they won’t be able to destroy towers. It’s easy to pick up and play but it’s hard to master. But that’s the fun of this game; you’ll be thrilled to keep playing until the last army cannot take it anymore.

Towers N’ Trolls features over 45 levels, spread over 9 worlds with different themes. It sports gameplay that takes the best essential elements of tower defense games and makes them accessible for everyone, including those who have not played a tower defense game in their life. You can pick 3 game modes which include: Story mode, Challenge and Open mode. There’s also 3 difficulty levels so you can test your skills on how well you defend. It’s got weird, outrageous weapons, it’s got leaderboards and many more features.

Towers N’ Trolls is very easy to pick up and play. You’ll be able to get it in just several minutes of playing but it does get harder the further you play. There are many levels and features to go through this game that it may take you a while before you’ve unlocked everything. It’s got replay value so you’ll be playing this over and over again! Because of its pick-up-and-play aspect and the many features that make this game a rich experience, Towers N’ Trolls gets a 5 out of 5.

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