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Turn any ordinary, dull or toneless speech into music! Songify is an app that turns any kind of speech into listenable music. From the creators of Auto Tune, Songify finally lets you feel like a star with your speech being turned into music. Whether it’s speech for class or a speech to pump everyone for summer camp, turn any dull speech into music that will have everyone party rock!

Songify uses a different technology specifically used only for speech unlike the Auto Tune so while the creators did make this one, this app will not work the same as Auto Tune. Songify asks you to speak through your Android device. In a matter of seconds, your speech is turned into a song. Songify features some of the popular Auto Tune tracks that will be used with your speech such as Bed Intruder, Winning and many more Auto Tune tracks the world already knows. It also features a menu that lets you check out some of the creations of app users. You can even vote on your favorite Songify creations. You think have the better speech-to-song?

Songify is very easy to use. The controls of the app are really easy so making speeches into songs won’t be too hard for you to do. You’ll have making songs and sharing it to the world is very easy. Thanks to the ease of use in making and sharing, Songify earns a rating of 5 out of 5. By the way, why not read this review on Songify?

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