Sims Free play for Android
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Sims Free play for Android

Sims has been one of the most popular games on many gaming platforms, especially PC. This game is known for its real life gaming, it offers you the chance to build a house, raise a family and to deal with all the life problems that comes with it. It is a game that everyone could easily relate to. It is so good that even Facebook figured out a way to add it to its social gaming library. This game is brought to you by EA. Finally, EA decided to let the Android users in on this game by supplying them with an Android version of this amazing game. There is another Sims game on the market but it is not free, it is called The Sims 3. On the other hand Sims Free play will not cost you anything and it is as much as enjoyable.

Sims FreePlay is a very exciting and entertaining game. It is basically the best game out there to kill some time. The game starts off by selecting a person and you get to name him, choose his clothes and personality traits. You can either choose to build your own house or you can buy an existing house and start to buy furniture for it.

After you have bought and furnished your house, you will start to complete targets and goals in order to earn money and XP points.

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