Review of Trial Xtreme 3
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Review of Trial Xtreme 3

Review of Trial Xtreme 3 – Free Apple App for iOS Devices Versions 5.0 or Later 

Live out your favorite extreme sport fantasies by playing the Trial Xtreme 3 game. Test your skills on how well you can manage and how far you can go in overcoming maxed-out obstacles and difficulties. It’s not your ordinary arcade game. You have to rely on your own understanding of how to maneuver a motorbike as it tries to climb a steep almost-vertical ramp, get across one unattached ramp to the next or maneuver a 360-degree looped ramp.

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It can even get harder than these, and it’ll take more than just words to describe the difficult motorcycle stunts required to get past each arena. If you’re ready to take on the challenge and the thrills presented by Trial Xtreme 3, download the free Apple app and install it in any iOS device that runs on Versions 5.0 or up.

Game Features and Mechanics

The Trial Xtreme 3 sequel has 76 levels in the full version; but since this article is delving into the free version of the game, you should know beforehand that you’ll only be getting twelve free levels. These are distributed into three levels for each of the four different arenas, namely: Sport, Port, Beach and Ravine. It’s just as well, since it would be best to first judge the difficulty level for yourself.

The game starts by choosing a motorbike for your rider, for which the selection includes the Classic, the Jumper and the Storm; although in the free app version, only the Classic is available. The Jumper has the most power and recommended for better agility at the tracks. It’ll cost a player as much as 50,000 coins to purchase it from the in-app store. The Storm, which is also powerful, is recommended as the bike that can serve you best, if you’re planning to compete against Trial Xtreme 3 players online. This motorbike will cost you as much as 200,000 coins.

Winning and earning coins from completing the tracks is not just a matter of clocking the shortest time to reach the finish line. Points are based on how well you managed to clear the ramps and the different obstacles. The fewer the crashes, the bike spills and the ramp-misses, the better or higher the score. Keep in mind that starting over again at a certain point entails penalties that will be deducted from the standard achievement score. Scores matter, because your stars and the coins you get to collect will all depend on the outcome of your performances.

There are two controls that appear on the screen by default, one is for the regular touch button while the other is an accelerometer-based control used for tilting motions. If you find it difficult to combine the use of the two buttons, you have the option to replace the accelerometer-based control with another touch-based steering button. All you need to do is remove the check mark for the “Use accelerometer” option in the settings section.

Try Trial Xtreme 3 game for size, after all that’s exactly what most free Apple apps are for — to make it easy for the iOS device users to decide on the app’s value and usability, before purchasing upgrades or the full version.

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