Planets Pack
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Planets Pack

Ever wondered what kind of planets are there besides us, Earth? Ever wondered what the planets would like, if they had any resemblance to Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or Venus? You can finally discover new planets and set them to motion with Planets Pack, an offering from Maxelus. It’s an app that lets you look at planets of many different settings. From magma-themed planets to ice-themed planets, seeing these planets right before you very eyes with your Android device is truly a sight.

Planets Pack features six different planets, all rendered in 3D. They’re newly-made up planets that have different properties. From different clouds to different lightings, the planets in Planets Pack showcase their own distinction. It features a touch screen control that lets you rotate the planets all around. You can check out the planets from almost any angle. You can also adjust the settings of the planets you view so they can have a different color. It also features full 3D rendering, from textures to lighting.

Planets Pack is very easy and simple to use. It doesn’t have a complicated UI so you can navigate through the 6 planets without much trouble. Adjusting settings is really fun and seeing the results is mind-boggling. It does get boring after hours of meddling with the settings unless you’re a big fan of these. But it’s still fun and anyone who likes checking out new planets should definitely check this app. So I rate the app 4 out of 5. 

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