Piccap (Idcapthat) App
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Piccap (Idcapthat) App

Piccap (Idcapthat)

Ever wish you can put a caption on your photos without having to think about it? Or put a caption on something with something randomly funny and hilarious? With the Piccap, you can finally come up with a random caption for your photos at the tap of a button! Who says apps can’t make a funny, hilarious caption?

Piccap features the option to make a random caption for any picture, whether it’s just one or in a set. It features the option to select pictures directly from your device or take a picture right away. Whichever you choose, Piccap automatically generates a caption. It doesn’t have to be any certain kind of picture so Piccap will generally just generate something. It features the ability to save your picture with the randomized caption or share to the world through social networking sites.

Piccap is easy to use but sometimes, navigating through the images you saved can be a bit tedious. Sometimes, having to reload the photo album can get annoying. Also, the captions made won’t always be appropriate to the photo. Either it’s not funny or it doesn’t fit the context. On the other hand, having captions generated automatically lets you try out the many funny captions this app has to offer. Because of its easiness to generate captions and the options of saving and sharing, this app is rated at 3 out of 5.

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