Pages for iPad
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Pages for iPad

Pages is an amazing iPad app. This app is basically a word processor; it has the same features as the ones that exist in Microsoft Word. The only difference is that it is very user friendly and it is fun to use because of its fun little features.  When you open this app and create a document, you will get to choose to open a blank white document or a template that you can edit. These templates include posters, thank you cards, recipes, resumes and letters among other things. This way you don’t have to make your own template form scratch, you can easily choose one of the existing ones and edit it.

It also allows you to work the documents in Landscape and Portrait. There is a tool bar that exists at the top of the template. This tool bar lets you control everything. This includes the size of the font, the type of the font as this app has more than sixty font types, the alignment of the text and the formatting of the sex such as italic, underline and Bold. There is also an undo button that resembles the one at Microsoft Word and it can also work as a redo button if it is held on the other direction. It also offers a very innovative easy to deal with pictures. You can easily change the size of the images and rotate them. Rotating is done by holding 2 fingers on the image and then rotates it as you wish.

This is not all as this app holds many other features such as the ‘Document Set-up’ tool, spell checker tools and the fact that you can save the documents on iCloud.

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