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musiXmatch Lyrics & Music

musiXmatch Lyrics & Music

Had a favorite song but could never get some of the lyrics right? Or heard of an awesome track but forgot how the lyrics were? Now you can finally jam to the songs AND read the lyrics with musiXmatch Lyrics & Music. musiXmatch Lyrics & Music is an app that lets you find your favorite music and input the lyrics. Whether it’s rock song or a mellow song, now you can finally get the lyrics right.

musiXmatch Lyrics & Music features over 6 million lyrics of songs worldwide in 20 languages. From the pop songs to the indie songs, you’ll be able to finally listen to the song with lyrics in display. This app also features a music player that lets you play songs with the lyrics. You can arrange the music according to your preference. You can also set a profanity filter so you don’t have to hear the f-words and the s-words. You can also provide feedback for the quality of lyrics which can let submitters submit higher quality lyrics. You can also search songs through different filters such as by Artist or Song Title.

musiXmatch Lyrics & Music is very easy to use. It looks daunting but it’s actually easy. It’s got all the options you need to find the lyrics of your song so whether you need that particular phrase or just see the lyrics of song that sound like someone got their mouth smacked, musiXmatch Lyrics & Music makes it easy for you in every way. These reasons are why the app gets 5 out of 5.

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