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Get updated and immersed in the world of MLB with at Bat 12. This app lets you immerse yourself in the world through many ways. Check out the news, the data, the stats and everything you’ll need to know more about the world of MLB. There’s no other app like this that can tell you the average pitching in an instant. at Bat 12 has a ton of features. For starters, there’s videos that show you live updates on any games on-going. There’s stats on all your favorite players, so you can see their average pitch and other data that interests you. There’s also headlines of the MLB world, so you’re up to date what’s been happening. There are also games based on the MLB that’ll let you have fun while you’re checking on the news. You can even see the major games from every angle possible, thanks to the Live Look-ins. You can sync in your premium subscription to watch all the major games without any commercial breaks. at Bat 12 takes time to get used to. There are so many features given to you right from the start that it might take a while before you get used to it all. But the features are what make the app great; if you take the time to learn them all, you’ll be able to use this app easily. So that’s why this app gets a rate of 5 out of 5 because of all the great features.

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