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Mojang, the Swedish developer for the famous game Minecraft has just released this amazing game for iOS. It is surely going to be a success due to the fact that it is very social and very creative. It is also clear that it would be easily translated to be controlled by a touch screen. All of this would make it perfect for iOS and this is why Mojang released Minecraft Pocket Edition that is available for you on the App Store.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The pocket edition of Minecraft holds the same basic concept of the Minecraft game that all people enjoyed playing on their computers. It is still the achievement-free and an opened ended game that everyone loved. In this game, you get the chance to create your own world filled with different blocks and then you start to edit and reshape this little world according to your taste.

The game’s modes

– Creative Mode: In this mode you start your world from scratch. You are free to use your creative imagination to build your world. This mode lets you use your inventiveness as you build your own world and get to know the different usage of each block.

-Survival Mode: In this mode, you create your world which is a living one and there is a day and night cycle, just like real life. This cycle would affect your ability to create and navigate. There are also zombies who harass your progress and destroy some of your efforts. This is why you should be careful when choosing the material you build with so it doesn’t get destroyed by the evil zombies.

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