Lunar Racer
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Lunar Racer

The next great casual racing game is here! From the makers of Super Stickman Golf comes Lunar Racer, a space-themed racing game where you race against enemies through planets of the outer space. From the moon to Pluto, you’ll be racing against other cars to become victorious. With over several tracks and power-ups to make things interesting, it’s no wonder more and more people are getting into the groove.

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Lunar Racer is done in a side-scrolling view. It features high speed, low gravity racing that makes for some wicked racing sessions. It features a visual style that showcases colorful places of planets and it sports an animation style that’s really smooth. Then there’s the power-ups which include nitro, bazookas and other weapons that will help you win the races. It’s more or less like Mario Kart in space. It also features the option to customize your car, from the wheels down to the body. There’s nothing like personalizing the car of your dreams. It also features a chance to ride on all the planets of the universe from, Jupiter to Saturn.

Lunar Racer is surprisingly easy to play. It might take a while to get used to the low gravity, high speed racing but once you get used to it, you’ll be so addicted to the game you don’t want to stop. The only negative thing about this game are the unlockable stuff which lack any kind of innovation to them. You could say they’re boring and dull. But the game’s still good so I rate this game 4 out of 5. 

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