IMDB for iPhone and Android
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IMDB for iPhone and Android

To all the movie lovers, it is a known fact that IMDb is the biggest database for all kinds of movies. It has information about different movies, actors and TV shows. This app is considered the most commonly used app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone to find the show times of different movies alongside the trailers. It also provides the users with picture galleries, the rating and the US TV listings.

IMDb is famous for having almost every TV show or movie ever filmed. It also aims to have all the details about the movie, the actors, the director, the storyline, movie reviews and goofs. If you are a movie fan, then you will definitely find good use of this iOS app.

There are some new features in the new version of the app, V 2.6. These features help the users to easily set and track their favorite movie theaters and it has added the latest pictures from the red carpet and pictures from the premier of each movie. It also lets the user to easily view the latest pictures for his favorite celebrity actors from movies, red carpet events and TV shows. It also has an updated version of the Metacritic display and the rating of IMDb. Lastly, this version of the app is fully compatible with the 3rd generation of the iPad, this allows you to view everything in high resolution.

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