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Flickster Movies App

‘Movies’ is an iPhone app that is brought to you by Flixster. This amazing app would allow you to see all the latest news about the new movies. It also allows you to see which movies are playing in theatres near you. Although Google Maps can tell you where exactly the movie is being displayed, it will not be able to tell you if the movie is worth seeing or no. This is why Movies by Flixster is the best movie guide app available on the App Store.

Movies is basically a big movie listing, it has all the big film theatres in the United States. It also has all the information regarding these theaters. This includes the phone number, the complete show times for all the movies for each week and the location of each theater. It also allows you to reserve tickets for the movies online.

It offers two search methods. You can either conduct a search according to your area code or ZIP code. This way it will give you the details about the nearby movies theaters. The other method is to conduct a search in terms of movies. This will list all the movies in its data base accompanied by box office record details and other information as well. The movies can be ordered according to its rating or alphabetically.

If you click on any movie, the app will provide you with its cast list, its rating, the synopsis, running time and genre. It can even let you preview the trailer of the movie.


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