Final Fantasy III
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Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III is one of the popular and favorite games by all RPG “Role playing Games” fans. Fans and enthusiasts have been waiting for this game for some time and it has finally arrived to Google Play. Although the android version of Final Fantasy III was released this last March, it was a Japanese only version which disappointed and frustrated many Android users. Square Eniz quickly realized this problem and corrected it. This release however is the English version which is good news for all the RPG players and fans of Final Fantasy of the US and Europe.

This new edition of Final Fantasy seems to be another successful stepping stone in the long Saga of Final Fantasy that has been running for almost 25 years since it debuted in 1987. Since its debut and the RPG franchise has released thirteen sequels and different spin offs.

Final Fantasy III quickly gained a lot of appreciation because of its sharp edge graphics and amazing sound effects. It also gained the appreciation of many because of its innovative touch controls and its captivating storyline that would hold you captive from the start to the end. The story in a nutshell is that there are a group of young people that have been chosen in order to save the world from the evil forces.

This game app is compatible with all the devices that use Android V 2.2 or better.

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