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Whenever you need to bookmark websites and take them out into devices without having to copy the address of the website somewhere without doing a tedious task or if you want to access all your bookmarks through numerous devices, Evernote is the one app you need. It’s an app that lets you bookmark almost any site without being tied to a single browser or device. By tying to a single account, you can access all your bookmarks externally and still keep them safe if ever your computer or mobile devices break down.

Evernote’s feature is the bookmarking feature. It functions like bookmarks in browsers but in this case, it saves it externally. It’s what you would call cloud saving so whether you save your websites from Google Chrome or on your mobile device, Evernote will save your bookmarks and keep them external. This makes it easy to access them from anywhere, including several Android devices. It also features organization into notes, bookmarking photos and more. With upgrades, you can add extra functions to Evernote to make it easier for you to bookmark other stuff.

Evernote can be hard at first to use but once you get used to it, you’ll find it’s easy. Being able to access the website you bookmarked with Evernote at your friend’s house and then using your Android device to access it is truly a marvel feat for Evernote. Even without the extras, this feature alone already gives Evernote a high rating of 5 out of 5.

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