Batman Arkham City Lockdown overview
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Batman Arkham City Lockdown overview

Batman Arkham City Lockdown is brought to you by Warner Bros. Entertainment and it is based around the popular super hero character Batman. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It works on iOS 4.4 or better. It needs 619.00 MB of space in order to be installed. You can also share your progress and amazing achievements and publish them through the Game Center social network.

Game play

It is an action packed game that revolves around battling bad guys & thugs and super villains. Batman usually fights with his hands and feet but there are weapons involved as well. The thugs use knives and other kinds of weapons. You will have to go through different levels and stages beating off villainess thugs and enemies. When you complete these levels, you will gain WayneTech points. These WayneTech points that you earn can be used in order to upgrade the abilities of Batman or to buy special equipment that would aid you in your battle against the villains. There are also different skins that can be bought with these points that would allow you to play as the Batman from other series.

The game is filled with amazing graphics and smooth controls. The only downside of the game is that it can get a little repetitive. This is due to the fact that the Batman and the thugs have a limited set of attacking moves.

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