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Artemis Viewfinder App

Back when I shot mainly commercials in 2008, everything was still on done film. You would step on the set, and start to think about your shots, but until the camera crew set up their gear and plugged in the clam shell (the little digital monitor) it was all hypothetical  Once you were all set up (maybe an hour later if the film gods smiled) you could walk around next to the operator (who sometimes was also the DP) and look at the clam shell  saying things like “OK, back up a bit”, “no, more to the left” or “can we go wider?”. They would change lenses, move around and generally get a feel for what the space looking like through the camera and lenses that you had brought with you.

When this went well, it gave you both a sense for what you would be shooting and how it would look. It didn’t always go well. Sometimes the DP would have their own ideas about how the shoot should go, or worse, want to wear you down to you’d leave him alone to shoot it the way he wanted.

In the digital age, all that is a thing of the past. You can now bring up the excellent Artemis Directors Viewfinder app for filmmaking on your iPhone  choose what format and lenses your shooting with and walk around the set with the DP and AD in tow, telling them what shots you want to get and where.

Artemis viewfinder is so great because it lets you choose any lens imaginable, even ones that are wider than the iPhone 22 mm equivalent lens. It does this by filling the rest of the screen with gray and letting you imagine how much more of the subject would appear in the frame – a brilliant solution to a thorny problem, and one that makes the app even more essential.

Its also a great learning tool to discover what lenses to what, and which you should buy. Any Canon 7D owners out there will be blown away to discover how much more of the frame you could get with a full frame camera. Black magic camera owners might wonder why they bought their camera at all (I need a 15 mm lens to shoot a medium shot?).

All in all, its an essential tool for anyone who considers themselves a filmmaker. The one drawback is the price – at $30 its not an impulse buy. But skip your coffee for a week and spend the pennies on this. The utility will last long after the buzz has worn off.

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