Airport City
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Airport City

In the style of Sim City and other building games, Airport City is a game that lets you create your very own airport. From a simple hangar to a thriving city that sends hundreds of planes for flight, Airport City lets you make a city that becomes the best in the world. Why settle for a mediocre airport when you can make the airport that will stun the world in awe?

Airport City features gameplay that takes the best elements of Sim City and other similar games to make it specific for constructing an airport. It features beautiful graphics that show you the colorful world of the airport. It features tutorials that will help you out build your airport hand-in-hand. It also features many units such as hangars and residential buildings that enliven the living, breathing city. In terms of gameplay elements, you can complete side quests and acquire collections to keep yourself involved in the game. As you move along with the game, you’ll be able to upgrade the city to the point you’ve made it really awesome.

Airport City is very easy to play, especially when you have the tutorials. You’ll eventually get the hang of things and you’ll have built the city of your dreams. But the game does get boring very much later when you all you really do is keep on making buildings without any particular goal in mind. Also, the game doesn’t actually give you complete control on how it’s built. That’s why Airport City gets a rating of 3 out of 5.

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