Red Remover iPhone app Review


In the Red Remover iPhone app you will have to utilize your brain and you fingers to remove all of the annoying little red pieces on the screen.  This is an adaptation of the web hit and stays true to form.  You will have to remove these red shapes without losing any of the cute little green ones.  The beginning of the game starts off really simple but gravity will start to blow your mind after you hit level ten and move on past it from there.  There are over 80 levels to play in.


  • In this app you will find that there are 80 different levels that you can play in.  All of the levels range in difficulty levels so that you can work your way up
  • The levels start at the very easy stage and as you continue to progress you will find that the last levels are ridiculously insane to try and beat.  You will have to practice quite a bit to be able to conquer the game
  • There are a lot of different prizes that you can collect as you play the game.  These prizes will be unlockable but you will have to find them first
  • If you have the skills and the patience to beat then entire game then you will be allowed to play in the bonus mode that is offered.  This bonus mode can be pretty tricky and is a lot of fun to play
  • The little green shapes in the game are just adorable and are fun to watch as you play the game
  • You will have to do try your hardest to get rid of the miserable little red shapes that are all over the place


They have actually done a pretty good job of converting this game from its flash version on the computer into this hand held iPhone app.  It can be very addictive and you won’t want to put it down once you start playing it.  Great adaptation for anyone that loved this web hit.  The other great thing about the game is that it is actually very challenging to try and beat.  As you progress in the levels it gets much more difficult to move on.

This app has been rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users on the iTunes store website.  It can also be downloaded onto your iPhone for $0.99.  This game was developed by The Game Homepage.

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