Real Racing iPhone app Review


The Real Racing iPhone app will take you speeding down the raceway in a way that you have never before experienced.  You will be able to work your way up from the rookie driver to the renowned champion.  You can play the career mode and take part in 76 different events.  You can also race in almost fifty different cars that are included in different classes.  The variety in this game is incredible and will have you interested for hours on end.


  • This classic racing game has a lot of different variety.  You will be able to take control of over 48 different cars that are located in four different classes.  You will also be able to race on 12 different tracks and in 5 different game modes
  • You will progress through the game and see that there are 3 different divisions that you can play through
  • There are a total of 76 different venues in the career mode so it will keep you busy for quite a long time
  • There is a multiplayer part of the game where you can play with up to six different people.  This can be done locally over a wi-fi network
  • You can either listen to the music that has been provided by the game developers or you can listen to your own iTunes library while you race down the speedways
  • There can be up to 6 different cars on the screen at the same time
  • In order to control how the car moves you can either use the touch controls or you can use the tilt system that has been built in
  • There is also the choice to pick between automatic braking or acceleration or you can decide to do it manually
  • There are a few different views that you can pick between and they include both the external camera and also the cockpit view
  • You can watch replays of your matches and races on YouTube which is kind of a fun feature
  • You can also check out the leaderboards online and see who the top racers are in the league as well as worldwide
  • If you want you can even set up your own personal leaderboards among your friends


This is a pretty stellar racing game in all aspects.  The gameplay is intuitive and original and you will love the way that the controls respond.  Also, the 3D graphics on the game are pretty incredible and will have you feeling like you are really in the midst of all of the action.  Developer Firemint has done a great job with this app and we look forward to seeing more titles coming from them.

The app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by thousands of different users that have downloaded the app.  It costs about $4.99 to download onto your phone.

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