Ravensword: The Fallen King iPhone app Review


In the Ravensword: The Fallen Kind iPhone app you will be taken on a huge adventure in a hybrid of 3D action and RPG goodness.  You will be able  to explore a huge world and come into contact with all sorts of characters and creatures.   You will also gain more experience as you travel around and you will be able to find some incredible weapons and items.

Ravensword iPhone App


  • In the Ravensword game you will find an incredible detailed RPG game that has been mixed with a 3D Adventure / Action game.  The gameplay will take you out into a very open environment to be able to explore
  • The other real bonus to this gaming app is the incredible story line that has been created behind it.  You will have to play the game for hours and hours to be able to unlock all of the secrets and learn the whole story
  • The 3D world that you will be placed in is very big and detailed.  In this world you will be able to meet a large cast of characters and you can explore a lot of different areas
  • This game is also definitely not lacking when it comes to enemies.  You will be able to fight with a large multitude of enemies using an auto-targeting interface that is completely optional
  • As you gain experience and move throughout the game you will be able to pick up an assortment of weapons, magical runes, and also items.  You can buy a lot of these things with the wealth you obtain from battles
  • You can also toggle with the camera if you want.  You can switch between first and third person by just pressing one of the buttons on the screen.  This is to be able to suit a bunch of different gamers
  • This app has been integrated with the Crystal technology in order to bring you all the achievements and social gaming experiences you could ask for.  You will also be able to check the leaderboards for high scores
  • There are a bunch of different secret areas that you will have to search out and find.  You can also find secret monsters and treasures once you have already completed the game
  • Some of the gameplay elements include you being able to ride a horse, shoot your bow in a practice range, or go hunting for large game in the woods.  These are just a few of the things you’ll find in the game
  • The inventory interface is very clear and easy to navigate.  That way you can pull up items you need quickly.  You will  also have a feature that frequently auto saves your game so you can just start playing
  • The soundtrack in the game is also impressive and matches the epic nature of the game.  The 3D audio that is included makes you feel like you are right there in the game.  You will be able to hear creatures that are trying to sneak up on you from behind


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.  This app also only costs $1.99 to download onto your iPhone.

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