PBA Bowling 2 iPhone app Review


In the PBA Bowling 2 iPhone app you will be able to play as the best recognized players in the league in some of the most well known locations on the tour.  You can play against the computer or you can just play against your friends.  There are online leaderboards and some customization options as well.


  • Probably the single coolest thing about this app is that there are online leader boards that you can check out to see who the best virtual bowlers are in the world
  • You will also be able to track all of the different stats and scoring that goes on in the tournaments.  This is great because you can see who the best bowlers are in the virtual league
  • One of the other fun perks in the game is that you can actually customize the bowling ball so that it has your desired weight, the kinds of textures that you want on it as well as the graphics and special effects
  • In this game you have the option of using either the accelerometer or you can use the touch screen controls to send the ball careening down the lane towards the pins
  • There are also a few different game modes that you can try out.  There is the single player mode as well as a tournament mode to play in.  Last of all there is the spare challenge mode
  • There are a bunch of different locations that are featured on the Lumber Liquidator PBA Tour.  These include places like Reno, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and even Detroit
  • There are a bunch of different lane types that can be picked from.  You can play on the shark, chameleon, cheetah, viper, and also the scorpion lanes
  • As you play in the game you can actually unlock a bunch of different special effects.  You can also unlock different patterns and bowling ball textures as well
  • If you want you can look and see what kinds of oil patterns are on the lane so you better know how to approach the lane
  • There are also a couple different difficulty levels you can pick from including the easy, medium and hard difficulties
  • The graphics in this game are actually pretty amazing and on the cutting edge of technology.  The menus are also very dynamic
  • The bowling alley is completely in 3D and you will be able to see how many pins were knocked down as well as the frame number that you are on
  • You can also slide in and out of the scoreboard so that it is there when you need it but doesn’t get in the way when you don’t need to look at it


This app will appeal to bowling lovers because it has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.  You can also download this onto your iPhone for only $0.99.

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