Original Duck Hunt iPhone app Review


The Original Duck Hunt iPhone app will take you back fifteen or twenty years and let you relive the fun of the old NES system.  Remember how hard it was to get all of the ducks because they change direction so fast?  You will have to be quick on your feet again in order to use your bullets wisely and get all of the ducks for each of the levels.  The levels continue to get harder and harder as you go on and you have to shoot down a certain percentage of the ducks in order to keep progressing.  This is a fun little app in its own right and you will enjoy watching the little dog run around and jump behind the bushes just like in the original.


  • This app takes everything that was good with the original game and adapts it so that you can play it on your mobile phone
  • The way you play is that you have three bullets for each set of ducks.  You need to use them wisely or you will be out of ammunition and out of luck
  • Simply touch on the screen to shoot and watch the ducks fall down
  • In order to move up in levels you will need to shoot down a certain amount of ducks in each of the rounds.  If you don’t shoot enough then you will have to start the level over again.


This is the original Duck Hunt game that was created for the original Nintendo system back in the day.  You will be able to see the lovable dog as well as the pesky ducks and relive the experience all over again.  This app doesn’t do anything to embellish on the original game and just puts it back onto the mobile market in its entirety.  The only grip with the game is that if you are going to spend a dollar on a single game from back in the day, you might as well just spend five bucks and  buy an emulator.  That way you can download hundreds of old games without having to spend a buck a piece.  However, if this was the only Nintendo game you ever liked then you will feel great about only spending a buck to be able to play it again.

This app has been given a rating of 3 stars by its users and can be downloaded off of the app store for only $0.99.

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