OkCupid App

OkCupid App

Math gets you date? Really? OkCupid does just that: use math to get you a date. OkCupid is a dating app for the iPhone and Blackberry where you use new, innovative features that give you the potential date you deserve. Unlike other dating apps where you do the usual routine, OkCupid does it differently so you’ll have a date that’s unlike any other. Whether you’re lazy or willing, OkCupid calculates based on what you put in and you’ll get a date. Math rules right?

OkCupid features everything from the OkCupid.com version, such as the Locals feature where you can meet potential singles nearby your area, customization of searching to find your match, the option to broadcast your status and more. It’s also got a text message feature which doesn’t require further subscribing. The best part of all of these great features is: it’s FREE. It’s also got extras such as personality tests, marking up a location to meet your date and so much more. Why subscribe when it’s all for free?

OkCupid is very easy to use. Finding what you need with this app has a good ease of use. The app is designed to have a good navigation pace so you can find the right one for yourself. It also has great notification features which make it easy to find out if you got any messages, which has been a problem for most dating apps. That’s why because of this features and ease of use, OkCupid is rated 5 out of 5.

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