Official Versus Tour de France LIVE iPhone app Review


In the Official Versus Tour de France LIVE iPhone app you will be able to watch live, streaming video of the famous race and not have to worry about any type of commercial interruption.  You can also get profiles of the players and the locations and even see with GPS where these riders are in comparison to other riders in the group.


  • One of the most appealing parts of this app is that it has some LIVE streaming video on it.  This can be used either with the 3G network or over WiFi.  This way you can watch all of the stages of the tour without any interruption from commercials
  • You will also be able to have all of the replays of each individual stage saved On Demand so that you can watch certain parts again and again. Or you can just go back and watch stages that you missed
  • After each stage has been completed you will be able to find some highlight videos on the app for all of those stages.  That way you can get the highlights without having to watch the entire thing over again
  • One of the really cool features with the app is that you can also see the LIVE GPS tracking of all of the different riders and how big their breakaway time gaps are.   You can get locations of where they all are
  • There is also a cool Twitter feature where you can get the race statuses LIVE and also updates that help you to follow the race even if you aren’t in a spot where you can watch the actual race
  • There are also some push alerts that you can customize in order to get race alerts.  This includes the 25K to go to the Finish as well as the results from the actual finish of the race
  • You can also get all of the results and even the standings for the day after each stage.  This way you will always know what is going on and never feel like you are left out of the loop
  • You can access different photos and videos from the race as well to make sure you get as much race media as you would like
  • There is also a section that will give you the profiles on each and every rider that is competing in the Tour de France
  • Last of all, you will get profiles of each of the stages and how steep and difficult the categorized climbs will be as the riders approach them


This app has been given a 2 1/2 star rating by iPhone app users and currently is a little bit expensive to download.  You can get it onto your phone for $9.99.

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