National Parks Companion iPhone app Review


The National Parks Companion app is one of the best guides for getting around to the country’s coolest natural monuments.  You will see over 500 different national treasures are included in this app.


  • This is the most complete national park companion available on the market today.  In this app you will be able to get a description as well as photos of all of your favorite national parks scattered across the United States
  • On top of the descriptions and photos that will come in the app you will also have access to information that will allow you to see what kinds of fees and registrations are required for you to be able to visit the park
  • You can also get information that will help you to be able to contact the parks and get even more detailed information about the sights to see.  You will get contact information as well as phone numbers you can call
  • The great thing about having GPS built right into the phone is that most apps will utilize this.  You can get the location of any of the parks with the GPS coordinates right on there.  You can also get links to Google maps so you can find it that way as well
  • There is also some interesting information for anyone that wonders about how far above sea level you might be.  You can get elevation data and see just how it compares to other places in the world
  • Last of all, you will also get links to the official park websites for all of these national treasures.  That way you can look up even more information and make sure you know what kinds of things you want
  • You can also use the “My Visited Parks” feature to be able to keep track of every single park that you have ever been to.  You can record the checkbox to show what you have already visited.  This is a fun way to show all of the cool places that you have been.


If you are a national park lover, then  you’ve got to get this little app.  Not only do you get information and descriptions on all of the national parks, you also get GPS directions, contact information, and even info on what kind of fees and registration that you can expect if you do in fact decide to go there.  If you are an outdoorsy person and want to do a little informed traveling then check out this app.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of a total of 5.  It is fairly inexpensive to download and will only cost you about $0.99 to get onto your iPhone.

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