Personal Finance Android app Review


In the Personal Finance Android app you will have the opportunity to manage all of your accounts from a single location and see exactly how you are spending your money each month!  You can add accounts for your vehicles, checking, savings, real estate, investments and so much more.  This way you can see an overall view of your monthly expenses or you can break it down to a granular level to see where each dollar is going.  You can even set tags and leave notes on your transactions to make sure you have it all documented.


  • This app is one of the leading finance services that is available on the Android platform.  There are actually more then 3 million people that are using it and are loving the ability it has to help them manage their money and expenses.
  • One of the great parts about this app is that it will actually categorize all of your expenses for you so you don’t have to go in there and manually do it every time you make a transaction
  • The app will also frequently give you advice and tips on how you can actually save money on day to day activities.  Any tips on how to save money can be much appreciated over time
  • The app also has the option for you to get notifications about your budget or balances.  This way you can be notified every time there is a major change to your personal finances and you can deal with it accordingly
  • You will be able to view all of your accounts in a single place and make sure that all of your money is in order
  • You can also set budgets for your different accounts and be notified when you are about to break that budget, or even when you are getting close to it
  • You will be able to look back over your last few weeks of spending and see where most of your money is going.  That way you can either cut back on things or save more money for different parts of your budget
  • You can have accounts for your savings, checking, credit cards, cars, real estate, investments, and even for your credit score


The Personal Finance Android app has gotten some pretty good reviews from users and critics alike.  It even has a password security system that is great because it will keep your financial information safe from potential intruders. One of the best things about the app is that you can view your expenses from any point of view.  You can get a high level view of your finances or you can break it down and see the nitty gritty parts and add tags and notes about it.  You also have some leeway in your sorting options and you can split it into categories, dates, or even merchants.  The only main gripe from this app is that you can’t add actual accounts within the app.  You actually have to get online at to be able to do that.

This app has been given a 4.2 out of 5 star rating by users and critics of the game.  The nice thing about the app is that it is free to download onto your Android.

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