Mabilo Wallpapers Android app Review


In the Mabilo Wallpapers Android app you will have the largest collection of beautiful images right at your fingertips!  Once you open up the app you can browse through the different categories and either save your favorite images to your sd card or share them with your family and friends through the use of email or text messaging.  The best part about this app is that it is free and it offers a ton of images to look at.


  • This wallpaper app has the biggest assortment of images available on the Android.  You will find that there are over 50,000 wallpapers and that it is still growing.  Many of these images are in high definition and boast superior quality
  • Once you find a wallpaper that you really like, you can either share it with you friends or family through a text message or through email
  • Another option you have after you find the right wallpaper is to just download it to your sd card.  This way you can keep it for future use without having to get on the live site again
  • Because of this downloading feature you won’t have to worry about the app draining your battery like all of the live renditions will do to your phone
  • Last of all, it is free and you can set favorites of the pictures that you browse through so you can keep it fresh on your phone
  • You can either browse through the categories that have already been preset, or you can use the search function to find the wallpapers that you want


The Mabilo Wallpapers Android app is one of the most extensive wallpaper apps out on the Android.  With a collection of over 50,000 different images to use, you will never get bored of the variety that is included in this app.  It also has a variety of categories to choose from to be able to suit anyone’s interests.  One of the only main gripes about this app is that for some reason you can’t rate the wallpapers within the app.  This would be a nice feature so that you could sort the wallpapers by their ratings instead of having to go through all of them.  In order to see ratings you will have to actually go to their website and look at them.  While at the website you can also download ringtones for your phone as well.

This Android app has been given a rating of 4.35 out of 5 stars by Android app users and it is currently free to download onto your mobile device.

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