Layar Reality Browser Android app Review

Layar Reality Browser Android app Review


The Layar Reality Browser Android app is one of the most ingenious apps to come out for the Android thus far.  You can pull it out and look through the camera lens to be able to see real time footage of  businesses, bars, historical and natural landmarks and so much more.

Layar Local Search Android App


  • This is a nifty browsing app that allows you to mix real time and digital all onto the little camera screen that is on your Android phone
  • All you have to do is pick up the phone and look through the camera lens to be able to see the items that you have searched for.  You can see things like houses for sale, play live games, tourist info, historical and natural landmarks, as well as clubs, bars and shops
  • If you find a certain landmark or shop that you are interested in then there is an option to click on it and learn more about it
  • You can also use it to find local businesses and learn more about their hours of operation, phone number, and customer reviews of the products
  • There are also a lot of different plugins that can be added to the app to help you be more compatible with Flickr, BrightKite, Tweetmondo, and more


This is a super cool browsing app that allows you to look through the camera lens on your camera and see both real time footage as well as some digital layers of things that you are looking for.  For instance, if you are looking for houses that are for sale you could search it and then pull out your phone and just move it around in any direction in order to show you where the next house for sale is in that direction.  Pretty cool idea for an app and it is kind of a good way to wow your friends and family.  The only gripe with this app is that it is almost more for wow purposes than convenient.  Also, sometimes you may have some super obvious searches and it still may not be able to find them.  Last of all it can sometimes be pretty laggy because all of the information on the screen gets jumbled up.

This app has been given a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars by multiple users and critics.  This app is nice because it is completely free to download off of the Android app market.

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