Land Air Sea Warfare iPhone app Review


In the Land Air Sea Warfare iPhone you will be able to use all kinds of units an technologies in order to take out your opponents and claim your territories.  You will have to fortify your base and build certain buildings in order to upgrade your units and become more powerful.  You will see tons of explosions and wreckage along the way.

Landairsea iPhone App


  • This game has an all new, pretty cool touch interface that has been completely optimized to be able to build units really quickly.  It also allows you to create groups and even steer and control your machines of war
  • There are over 100 different types of units and technologies in the game.  You will either be able to build and upgrade yourself or you will see it happen with your enemies
  • This game has a vast amount of different environments that you will be able to view.  You will see over 4o different landscapes that you can battle on against your opponents
  • The mega units are some of the coolest machines in the game.  These mega units com in six different forms and you will be able to command them and see just how gigantic they really are
  • You can either listen to the really cool background music and sound effects that are provided in the game or you can actually listen to your own iPod music while you are destroying your opponents
  • There are over 250 different kinds of voices that you will hear from all of the units that are available in this strategy game
  • You will be able to play against the AI to try and show your supremacy.  You will be able to use a few different attack modes as well as some unique strategies in order to do it
  • The replay value of this game is off the charts because you can play on maps that have been completely randomized.  This allows you to have almost unlimited gameplay
  • You will be able to control and command the transport carriers in the game to be able to move all of your big ships and vehicles around
  • You will find a variety of different victory conditions including the Arms Race, the Team Traitors, and also the Mega Project
  • You will have to build different shields and walls to be able to protect your units.  You can also utilize the radar systems to see incoming intruders
  • You will have an assortment of different weapons at your disposal including shock and electric weapons.  You can also use lasers in some instances
  • Some of the different machines that you will be able to control include submarines and jet fighters


This app has been given a rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars and costs about $4.99 to download onto your mobile phone.

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