Kindle for iPad
May 15, 2012 Free iPhone Apps

The Kindle books are finally coming to the iPad! Kindle, an app where you can read books in the Kindle format, can now be used for all iOS devices, including your iPad. The Kindle app is based on the Kindle reader format and is now modified to be used for the iOS devices. Store hundreds of books and magazines all in your iPad.

Kindle app has a lot of features. It has all the essential features that are featured in all iOS devices such as the feature to browse Amazon to buy Kindle books for as low as $9.99 and the feature to read a sample of books before you buy. It also has exclusive features such as browsing over 400 magazines such as Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. This is definitely convenient so you don’t have to walk to your local mag store to get your monthly copy. Another exclusive feature is you can now read replica books complete with faithful formatting.

The Kindle app is easy to use. You can sync the app to bookmark where you last read so if you ever go back reading previous pages and you suddenly forgot where you read last time, you can use that feature. You can also change the size of letters, the color of letters and more to ease your way into reading. I rate the app 4 out of 5 because Kindle has removed a few features that made the previous versions better than the current one. It removed the page number feature that appears on pages, it downsized the dictionary feature and organizing your books in this app isn’t fixed.

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