iStroboSoft iPhone app Review


Th iStroboSoft iPhone app will allow you to tune your instruments at the highest amount of accuracy available.  All you need to do is just plug in your acoustics and electrics and the app will use the cent system to give you an accuracy of up to a tenth.  There are also calibrating, noise cancelling, and auto tuning options that can be utilized.


  • There is a display that is exclusively a strobe display and it is very accurate.  You can achieve whatever levels that you so desire
  • The best way to use this app is to use the octave/note window to help you see exactly what note and octave you need to achieve for each of the notes that you are trying to tune up
  • There is also a display for cents that you can use.  This display will let you see just how out of tune your note actually is.  It will display all the results in terms of cent values
  • You can also tell whether the note is either sharp or flat by using the indicators that are included in the app.  It will tell you just how far off the note is from what you are trying to target
  • There is also a full screen mode that you can use in order to maximize the screen space that you have available.  This way if you are sitting at a distance from the device you can still view it quite accurately
  • This app also has a noise filter that you can use to help you capture a good amount of recorded sound.  This is best utilized when using an external mic or even a tuning device that is clipped on.  This way you won’t have to worry about extra noise while trying to tune
  • You can also use a boost for your input to raise all of the frequencies that you are using.  All of the frequencies can be upped by +24dB
  • You can also calibrate the app to be able to get a one tenth of a cent’s worth of accuracy.  You can get it so it is calibrated to some sort of an external source
  • You can use the drop/capo mode to be able to automatically transpose the notes up and down an entire octave.  This is a great way to help you customize your sound
  • Last of all there is an adjustable concert mode.  You can tune to another instrument that is fixed like a keyboard or some sort of piano.  Or if you have an instrument that does not have the typical western tuning then you can use it to tune it to those instruments


This iPhone app has been given an overall rating of 4 stars by users and it currently costs about $0.99 to download off of the app market.

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