iBowl iPhone App Review


The iBowl iPhone app is one of the best 3D bowling games that is out for the iPhone.  It completely utilizes the accelerometer so you will be able to pretend like your phone is the bowling ball itself.  You can play in a bunch of different multiplayer modes online with different people or you can even join tournaments.  You can also challenge friends to some fun competition.


  • This is a fun little bowling game on the iPhone that does a good job of utilizing the accelerometer that is built into the phone.  You will be able to just swing the device as if you are throwing a real bowling ball and watch it hit the pins
  • This game even has the bowling physics that were created by Tenpin bowling.  If you curve the ball while you are swinging the phone then it will also curve into the pins to give you the best results that are possible
  • You also have a choice between three different lanes so you can decide where you want to throw your bowling ball
  • There is also a pretty fun multiplayer mode that you can play in as well.  Get online and you can play with 1 to 4 players in multiplayer games
  • You can also join large tournaments online that can have up to seven different people playing in it.  This way you can prove your bowling dominance
  • You can also compete against your own friends.  You can start a lobby of your own or you can just get online over the network or the wi-fi to play against long distance opponents
  • Use the Facebook Connect feature to be able to start challenging your friends and family over social networking sites.  They can start the challenge match by simply pressing a single button
  • You can also check your high score against that of other players by getting online and checking out the rankings that are on the national leader boards
  • If you prefer the offline modes then you can still earn a bunch of different trophies from stellar play
  • Once you get these trophies and achievements then you can rub it in the faces of all of your friends by getting on your own trophy screen and then issuing out a challenge to them


This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by multiple users that have played or tried out this app.  The best part about it is that it is completely free for you to download onto your phone.

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