Geometry Wars Touch iPhone app Review


n the Geometry Wars Touch iPhone app you will be able to experience all of the goodness and intuitive gameplay that has made the Geometry Wars franchise so successful.  The graphics have been greatly enhanced and you will find that the gaming experience is smooth, fast paced, and non stop.  You will be able to take part in six original gameplay modes and if you decide to download it onto the iPad you will also get one extra gameplay mode.


  • If you have been a fan of the Geometry Wars games then you will love the new iPad version.  It has been enhanced and adds some new ways for you to be able to destroy all the enemies and invaders that come your way
  • One of the really cool parts about this app is that the Geometry Wars franchise has been super popular and it has a wide fan base that are passionately loyal about the game.  This is good because you know that it must have something special in order to capture that
  • In the game you will find a few different play modes.  One of them is to be able to do some play sessions that are very short and are timed.  These differ between either 5 minute or 10 minute sessions, and you can pick depending on how much time you have available
  • The Geometry Wars franchise actually dates back to the arcade era.  It literally is one of the most beloved and successful live arcade games that has ever been created for any type of gaming system
  • One of the first games to be created was Geometry Wars Retro Evolved or (GWRE) and it has won multiple awards and is believed to be one of the games that started the distribution of these digital games onto consoles that are in the home
  • Once the sequel to GWRE came out, it also broke records.  Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 was extremely popular and got very good ratings from critics and players alike


This game has gotten mixed reviews since its release.  There are a few people that love the controls and how intuitive they are while there are others who do not.  The major difference is that this app was obviously designed mostly for the iPad and then put on the iPhone as sort of an afterthought.  Other than that there are a few design issues that people have had but overall it is not a bad gaming app.

This app currently has a 3 star rating and can be downloaded for $4.99.

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