GDocs Android app Review

GDocs Android app Review


If you are frequently using your Google Docs account then it is high time that you got a mobile app that allows you to create and edit these documents while on the go.  The GDocs Android app does just that.  One of the best parts about this app is that you can use it to get into your Google Docs account and then you can mess with your documents and them import or export them and send them to other people.  While this app doesn’t support all file types, it definitely is convenient enough that it can be a good addition to your list of apps.


  • This Google Documents app has some cool features that lets you upload and download files from your Android to your Google Documents account
  • This is a just a little notepad app that lets you view your documents and then you can edit them or even sync them from your account with Google Docs
  • You can create your own documents or you can just stick to importing and exporting the documents
  • This app also has support from MyBackup Integration.  This is great so you know you won’t lose your important information that you have been working on
  • You can use this app to even open up and work with Microsoft Word and Notepad documents


This app is great for anyone that frequently uses the Google Documents application for their computer.  This app is a great way to access and edit all of your documents and papers that you have stored in your Google Docs account.   You can also even use it to edit your notepad and Microsoft word documents but be warned that it does not support excel or power point so don’t waste your time with those.  It can, however, view PDFs.  It is a pretty cool way to upload your documents and download them and mess with and edit them all from your phone.  There are a few cons with this app however, and they stem around the editing options.  For one, you can’t edit all of the file types out there.  This limits you a bit.  Also, you can open any documents that are on your SD card or even from emails.  They also could have worked to make the app a bit more intuitive.

This app has been given a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars and also is completely free for you to download off of the Android app market.

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