FRG Android app Review


In the FRG Android app you will be able to take your robot around levels and destroy all of your enemies by simply tapping on them.  See how far you can get into the game and how high of a score you can get before you are destroyed by your ruthless enemies.


  • In the FRG Android app you will be able to take control of a destructive robot who is out to kill all of his enemies.  You will be able to move him around and kill hordes of enemies
  • There are a ton of different weapons and upgrades that you can find throughout the game to make your robot even stronger and more powerful so it is easier to kill your enemies
  • There are also achievements that you can win along the way to get even more upgrades.  You are rewarded for superior play and performance
  • If you get a really high score then you have the ability to send it off to people to compete with them over the online leader boards that are available.  Try to see how high you can rank
  • The whole game is played with an aerial camera view that will allow you to get a good view of the whole area as you go to blow up your enemies
  • The game is incredibly fast paced and you will have to have sharp wits and an even faster finger to be able to keep up with all of the action


If you like robot machines and explosions then you will probably love this game.  The whole point of the game is to just dodge all of the enemy bullets and kill tons of bad guys to try and get to the end of the game.  You are looking to get the highest score possible and kill as many enemies as you can without dying.  There are enough upgrades, robots, and weapons to keep you interested and busy for quite a while.  The controls are also really easy to use and all you really have to do is tap to move your robot around and tap on the enemies to be able to shoot them.  You can also use the trackball to move your robot around if you feel more comfortable with that.  The app only costs three bucks so it can’t hurt to just give it a try and see what you think.  That’s like 2 cheeseburgers.

This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and there is a free version that you can try out.

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