May 17, 2012 Free iPhone Apps

Tag friends in your photos, make status updates, uploaded videos and photos, share the world what you’re thinking of and more with Facebook, now on your iPad. The Facebook app for the iPad is the app that lets you use Facebook with the intuitive touch controls. Whether you’re at the beach in Hawaii or making a trek in the Himalayas, share with your family and friends with the ease of the iPad. No longer will you need to get a laptop or desktop; your iPad connects you.

Facebook for the iPad features almost all the features from the web browsing version of Facebook. It features the photo uploading, the video uploading, the chat messenger, the private message, status updates and more. It features exclusive features such as zooming in, swiping and other touch controls with photos in the photo albums, playing on-the-go versions of your favorite Facebook games and using your iPad’s features to keep connected even if you take a photo with it. It also features bookmarks, the search bar and more features to make it convenient when you browse Facebook on your iPad.

Facebook for iPad ease of use is a mixed bag. The design isn’t quite as intuitive as the web browser version. You may get lost with the app because some functions you want to find (like logging out) are hidden. Also, updates for this app have removed some features people find was essential. But the touch screen controls make it easier to navigate through photos and videos which make it great. I rate the app 3 out of 5. 

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