Dot 2 Android app Review


The Dot 2 Android app is a simple game that allows you to control a small white dot while navigating it through an endless sea of blue dots and red triangles.  You will have to master the accelerometer to be able to only hit the blue dots (which make you larger) and avoid the red triangles (which will shrink you and kill you).  This game also is connected to Facebook and Twitter so you can post your high scores.


  • This is the much anticipated sequel to the first Dot game.  It is a simple game that fully utilizes the accelerometer that is built into your Android phone
  • The whole point of the game is to get your white dot to go for as long as possible on the board while hitting the little blue dots and avoiding the red triangles
  • Every time that you hit a blue dot with the white dot, the white dot gets bigger and bigger and it also extends the amount of time that you can play the game
  • As you hit the little red triangles it will shrink your white dot until it finally kills you so you have to avoid them as much as possible
  • You can see leader boards of the best Dot 2 players in your local area as well  as in the entire world so you can compare your score against all of theirs
  • Once you have achieved your best time you can continue to beat it over and over again and then you can actually post those high scores right onto social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • The soundtrack and the sound effects are amazing and will help keep the pace and the flow of the game as you roll around on the screen
  • The Graphics are pretty impressive for having such simplistic shapes and you will find that the gameplay is very addicitive


Even though the basic premise of the game is super simple, the game really does a good job of making it an experience and pulls it off quite well.  You will be addicted to hitting blue dots while at the same time become terrified of little red triangles.  The developers nailed it with this game and you will have a great time wasting hours on this app.  The only downside is that the sound can be glitch at times and the gameplay is also laggy a few times here and there.

Voted 3.9 out of 5 stars by Android app users and reviewers and is currently free to download off of the Android market.

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