Doodle Jump Blackberry app Review


The Doodle Jump Blackberry app takes you up to the top of a sheet of graph paper to try and attain the highest score available.  You take the spot of the Doodler as he climbs up a variety of different platforms.  The graph paper never ends so you can continue to climb for as long as you can keep hitting platforms.  You will have to use different items, however, in order to keep on climbing towards the top.  Look for propeller hats, springs, and even spare jet packs laying around to help you get a boost here and there and reach the next platform.  Sound hard?  Well throw into the mix some deadly obstacles and enemies that are trying to knock you off your path and you have quite a challenging game!  You will have to avoid platforms that are breaking, fearsome black holes, alien UFO’s and other kinds of bad guys.  You can use your own ammunition to take these enemies out.  Try shooting nose balls to destroy the bad guys and clear the path.

This simple climbing game is one of the most addicting Blackberry apps out there.  As you climb up the graph paper you can see other people’s scores that you are passing.  You can check the online leaderboards and see what other top players are scoring and work to try and knock them off of their pedestals.  Use all of the tools you have and add some concentration in order to become the Doodle Jumping Champion!


  • Take the form of the Doodler and climb up never ending platforms in order to get the high score
  • There are jet packs, propeller hats, and other items to help boost you up the platforms
  • Beware of crumbling platforms, enemies, black holes, and UFO’s as you make your way up
  • You can shoot nose balls to take out enemies
  • You can see local high scores along the side of the screen as you move up so you can gauge your progress
  • There are also online leaderboards that you can check so you can see how you are doing Globally


The original iPhone version of this app was very fun but it didn’t quite make the full transition to the Blackberry.  The graphics are still cartoony and fun, but the controls are just terrible.  If you have ever played the iPhone version then you won’t be able to play this versino for very long without getting frustrated and angry that the controls weren’t customized better for the Blackberry.  Overall, a fun game but probably not worth the seven bucks it costs to download at the Blackberry apps store.

Voted 2 1/2 stars by Blackberry app users and currently costs $6.99 to download.

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